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A Navy SEAL, Rhodes Scholar, and Public Leader, Eric Greitens is a frequent guest and contributor to major news sites. Author of the New York Times bestsellers The Heart and The Fist and Resilience, Eric was named by Time as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.  Fortune named him one of the world’s 50 greatest leaders.  Eric served as the 56th Governor of Missouri and was inducted into the American Academy of Achievement.  

As seen on: CNN, Real America's Voice, FOX News, USA Today, Forbes, Rolling Stone, CBS, New York Post, Yahoo!, The New York Times, NPR, TIME, ABC, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, MSNBC etc.


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Eric Greitens Featured On
S08E03 - SEAL to Governor: A Journey of Purpose and Resilience with Eric Greitens

S08E03 - SEAL to Governor: A Journey of Purpose and Resilience with Eric Greitens

In this compelling episode of the RSnake Show, I had the honor of engaging in a deep conversation with Eric Greitens, a man of diverse accomplishments. From his youthful adventures and academic accolades to his distinguished career as a Navy SEAL commander and his impactful tenure as the Governor of Missouri, Eric shares his multifaceted life story with us. We explore his humanitarian missions across the globe, the rigorous journey through SEAL BUD/S training, his leadership in special operations, and his visionary work with The Mission Continues. Eric's narrative is one of resilience, purpose, and dedication to service. Amid controversy and public scrutiny, his philosophy and the importance of finding one's purpose stand as a testament to his character. Join us as we delve into the remarkable life of Eric Greitens, whose experiences offer invaluable lessons on leadership, overcoming adversity, and the relentless pursuit of serving others. His website can be found: The nonprofit: 0:00 Intro 1:50 Eric's childhood 8:09 Eric's academic career 11:13 Philosophy and the utility 17:40 Eric's humanitarian missions 30:09 The Mission Continues 40:45 Eric's photography and Gaza 52:02 Eric's physical fitness 59:54 Joining the Navy SEALs and BUD/S 1:22:41 9/11 in the SEALs 1:29:06 Mark V and VBSS 1:33:18 Drug controversy in the SEALs 1:37:05 Resilience 1:48:04 Fatherhood and identity 1:54:45 Eric's run for the Missouri governor 2:01:54 First days of governing 2:05:53 RINO hunting and the Republican Party 2:07:35 Eric governor controversy 2:33:52 Judy Henderson story 2:38:56 Resigning from Governor and moral panic 2:46:03 Aftermath of public shaming 2:50:55 Rejoining politics and the gift of being attacked 2:54:14 Another book on regeneration of the Republic 2:57:35 Outro #EricGreitens #NavySEALs #Leadership #Resilience #Purpose #GovernorOfMissouri #HumanitarianMissions #SEALTraining #TheMissionContinues #VeteranLeadership #Philosophy #PublicService #ControversyAndCourage #MilitaryService #AdventuresOfEric #PoliticalLeadership #BoxingAndFitness #RhodesScholar #SEALCommander #MissouriGovernorship #LifeOfService #EricGreitensBooks #OvercomingAdversity #SEALBUDSTraining #SpecialOperations #GovernorControversy #LeadershipPhilosophy #PublicShaming #PoliticalJourney #NavySEALJourney #FromSEALToGovernor #EricGreitensStory #AmericanPolitics #VeteransInPolitics #SEALsInGovernment #MilitaryAndLeadership #EricGreitensPhilosophy #GovernanceAndEthics #MissionDrivenLife #PoliticalResilience #ServiceAndSacrifice #PoliticalComeback #LeadershipLessons #PurposeDrivenLeadership #VeteranNonprofit #RSnakeShow #Season8 #VeteransAndService
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