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Greitens' Exoneration — A Lesson for All American by Bernard Kerik

By Bernard Kerik

Former Navy SEAL and Missouri Governor, Eric Greitens, has recently been fully exonerated after enduring nearly two years of false accusations. Greitens, much like President Donald J. Trump, was targeted as an outsider posing a threat to liberal and conventional politics. A decorated American hero with a Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and four deployments in the global War on Terrorism, Greitens emerged as an unapologetic conservative leader, advocating for pro-police, pro-veteran, pro-jobs, and pro-freedom policies.

His battles against the political establishment, including his efforts to ban lobbyist gifts and dismantle a corrupt tax credit program, earned him enemies, leading to a vicious witch hunt involving baseless charges, secret hearings, and false accusations from political adversaries and certain media outlets. Despite Greitens' ultimate exoneration, the ordeal highlights the lengths to which political insiders and elements of the media will go to undermine conservative outsiders, underscoring the broader challenges faced by patriotic Americans in maintaining a fair and just political landscape.



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