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Raw Deal: The Corrupt Political Takedown of Navy SEAL Gov. Eric Greitens


Navy SEAL Eric Greitens was elected Governor of Missouri in 2016 as a conservative outsider. In a hard charging first year, Greitens stood up to political insiders and career politicians. In 2017, Greitens zeroed out a corrupt tax credit that has given over $1.3 billion tax dollars to tax credit syndicators and lobbyists over the last decade. When violent protesters swore to burn St. Louis to the ground following the acquittal of a police officer, Greitens restored order by the second night. In an unholy alliance, a George Soros-funded prosecutor in St. Louis & career politicians and insiders from both parties conspired to take down the duly elected Governor and overturn the results of the 2016 election. At least $120,000 in cash bribes were paid to witnesses in the case delivered by a convicted felon. Fox News Contributor and Editor-in-Chief of Just The News John Solomon said that "everything that happened to President Trump in 2016-17 was exported to America's heartland." The criminal effort to take Greitens from office has been shared by Fox News' Gregg Jarrett, former advisors to President Trump Seb Gorka and Corey Lewandowski, former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and others. In 2018, all charges were dropped by the Soros-funded DA as no evidence was presented. Greitens has since been exonerated by the Missouri Ethics Commission who found "no evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of Eric Greitens." In June 2019, the ex-FBI agent who investigated Greitens was indicted on 7 felony counts of perjury & evidence tampering in the case against the Governor. As of 2020, Kim Gardner, the Soros-funded DA remains under active criminal investigation. The criminal takedown of Greitens remains the subject of both state and federal investigations.

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