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Following Complete Exoneration, Gov. Greitens Emerges as Anti-Establishment Hero

In the face of mounting legal challenges against former President Trump, a growing contingent of anti-establishment lawyers and legal scholars is turning to Exonerated former Governor Eric Greitens as a leader for an anti-establishment counterattack against liberal and establishment lawfare.

Attorney David Bovino of Bovino and Associates argues that the Greitens case exemplifies how deep state operatives collaborated with a political prosecutor and a corrupt investigator to fabricate charges aimed at forcing Gov. Greitens out of office. What sets the Greitens case apart is that the courts have already declared Greitens innocent and his accusers guilty, holding significant implications not just for Trump but for the broader justice system. The case involves a dramatic narrative, featuring a prosecutor who faced charges for bringing baseless accusations, a woman retracting false claims made in a manner reminiscent of fiction, and a Soros-tied connection that adds a layer of intrigue.

The story portrays a compelling narrative of political operatives from the establishment resorting to extreme measures to undermine an anti-establishment figure, positioning Greitens as a potential symbol of how the justice system can target leaders who challenge the status quo.



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