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Your Own Frontline: A Navy SEAL’s Guide to Building Resilience by Eric Greitens

By Eric Greitens

As members of the Navy SEALs, the term "frontline" held a profound significance for us, symbolizing the arena where we confronted the enemy, engaged in battles, and determined our fates. The frontline was a realm filled with fear, struggle, and suffering, but it was also where enduring victories were secured, and lifelong friendships were forged through shared hardship. Living on the frontline imbued us with a profound sense of purpose.

However, the concept of a "frontline" extends beyond the military domain; it is a universal aspect of life that each person currently navigates. Everyone has a personal battleground where fear is encountered, struggles are faced, and hardships are endured. In these life battles, we find ourselves truly alive, gaining wisdom, creating joy, forming lasting friendships, discovering happiness, experiencing love, and engaging in purposeful work.

Meaningful victories require a willingness to fight for them on the frontlines of our lives...


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