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Eric Greitens: The Unfinished Journey of a Resilient Leader

By John Quick

I recently sat down with Former Missouri GOP Gov. Eric Greitens, whose journey encompassed roles as a humanitarian, Navy SEAL and public servant. This conversation offered a compelling narrative about resilience, courage and leadership. His life's work underscores the essence of service and the power of an individual's commitment to societal betterment; here is a look at his life.

Greitens' early humanitarian endeavors, particularly in war-torn regions like Bosnia and Rwanda, reveal a profound understanding of the human condition. His experiences in refugee camps, where he witnessed the indomitable spirit of children amid chaos, shaped his perspective on global issues and human suffering. This formative period laid the groundwork for his unwavering commitment to service and compassion.

Greitens shared, "I wrote my dissertation on how international humanitarian organizations work with children in war zones. So I was very fortunate. I had never been outside of the country before I went to college but I had some amazing mentors and friends in college."

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